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The Call

Good Afternoon,

I am writing to today, To inform you all the next few weeks, I will not be posting as much as I got a call Saturday night at 8PM from my mom telling me, My sister has been in a horrible car accident she was Airlifted to the nearest hospital. My parents flew in from Hawaii, My brother and I drove from Bakersfield,CA.

When we arrived my sister was in an induced Coma, Ng machine and had gone under one surgery to help stop internal bleeding. My sister climbed out of her truck by herself and Called 9-1-1, She had no idea at the time she had a broken pelvis. My sister has made some improvements but will be going under for surgery number 3 tomorrow for  Left sacrum, Bilateral ramus, Cup of Femur. Each have Breaks that need to repaired. My parents home is 9 hours away where she will be living and be going to rehab.

We have set up a gofundme account to try and help medical bills and help with the transportation from Redding,CA to Orange,CA.
Thank you so much and we truly appreciate those who have reached out!


Car accident relief for Aly

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Pepper Spray

Good Afternoon Y’all!

Hope y’all are having a rockin’ day! It’s been a very productive day in this household!
Anywho, It’s break the article down! Today, I was feeding T when I was scrolling on Facebook to read a post saying

I got a call that there was a fight at my oldest daughters school and they pepper sprayed the kids. She said even bystanders got sprayed. She wasn’t one.

Holy Cow! Hmm.. What?? Pepper spray being used at a school. What happened to milk being thrown a people. But this! Like Holy moly! The “Security ” has them on campus.

Questions that come to my mind off the bat:
-Why aren’t parent notified about this at the begging of the school year?
-Why does Security have Pepper spray?
-Was Security properly trained?

I am not one to really think about homeschooling my daughter, thou my husband jokes about it and letting our daughter go to YMCA and join teams around our area. I am truly thinking maybe until High School or 8th grade my daughter will be home schooled. This is very nerve wrecking. But then again, I do not know how schools run in Montana!

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Holiday Traditions?

Is Halloween the kick off Holiday season? I sure feel like it!
I’ve been looking back on what traditions I did when I was younger and talking to my husband about things he use to do so we can start making our own with our family. I have decided that We keep the tradition for:

Halloween going of visiting 1 Pumpkin patch a year, Boo 2 people a year, and Fall festive photos!

Thanksgiving, We will Donate a Thanksgiving meal to 1 family, Watch Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade, and Have a open Invite to our Family Thanksgiving!

Christmas: We are starting a new one this year, 25 days of Christmas. This is 25 pictures we have have taken of our family and will posted everyday until Christmas, We will also open 1 Present on Christmas eve not including our Christmas Pj’s! Donate any old toys and clothing we have! Visit 1 Family and receive each one gift and $50 gift card to a local grocery store. Christmas we will open presents, make breakfast and hang out! Since we are only in California for 2 more Christmas’s we are going to be going to this event called “Christmas Tree Lane” in Fresno, Ca 

If you watch TLC or ABC there’s a chance you may have seen this one TV.

Do you have a family tradition you’d like to share? Drop it in the comments! I love reading them! 


Overbearing parents

Anyone have overbearing? Has it taken effect on your marriage or parenthood? Effected your relationship with your parents or In-laws? How do you handle it?

I am have overbearing parents as well as uncles. My sperm donor was never around and my uncles took it upon themselves to be my father figure. Which I truly appreciate. But they do not respect my marriage, my husband or me. I am truly having the hardest time with the fact that my family can walk all over me and expect not to react. I am standing up for what I believe in and I think that is truly fair.

I don’t have the same relationship with my family anymore, as none of them supported or are supportive of my marriage and now as I parent, the way I parent my daughter. I am not allowing her to have iPhone, iPad, Tablet. I do track when she naps, feed or diaper changes. I think that is fair as I run a Non-profit, about to go through some real big surgery. I won’t remember a lot. Honestly! So i am backing myself up for doctor appointments. But the worst part is now, my cousins are attacking me thinking they can tell me everything I am doing is wrong. None of them are married or have children. It’s beyond difficult at this point to be around my family.

It’s funny to say but surgery has saved me this Holiday. I have a reason I can’t travel. I don’t want to be around other people. I am trying to enjoy our first Christmas as a family!

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Brand Rep

Hey Tiny Mama’s

Ever heard of Brand Repping? Do you let your little do it? If no, why? If yes, Why?
We have started Brand Repping for InfantRoute! This company is for clothing for Infants & Toddlers. Sizing newborn – 6T! The Company is so awesome, fast and Easy! Holiday’s are coming up every soon and Supporting small business is the best thing do to.

My husband is from a small town and he’s totally got me on supporting small businesses as this helps the world go round!

Screen Shot 2018-10-11 at 7.47.51 AM.png

**Use Code TESSA18 at checkout & Receive 15% off**

Here are a few of our favorite outfits:

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Fall Camping

Camping in the fall.. Umm Yes, Totally not me!

This past weekend we decided to do a last minute camping trip to Ward Lake, Ca. It’s in the middle of NO WHERE. But that is also the best part of it. I was off the grid for 3 days. My husband, his best friend , T and I all went. Oh and the pups!

We made it through a crazy storm. Lighting cracked 13 feet away from our tent, followed by a hail storm and 2 hours of a down pour. Of course not one of us recorded this storm. (Palm to face lol) But I’ll post some pictures. And i realized honestly I have a huge list of camping stuff we forgot.. I guess thats why they call it last minute.


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Whats your Alphabet look like?

A – Accept life changes

B – Be Brave!

C – Challenge Yourself 

D – Don’t be shy!

E – Explore Life

F – Face Your Fears

G – Give Back

H – Hand Write Thank You letters

I – Improve your intellect

J – Join a group

K – Kindness gets you farther

L – Laugh often, Love More

M – Make memories

N – Never give up

O – Open your mind

P – Patients, Practice, Pride

Q – Quench your wrist, and drink more water

R – Read regularly 

S – Smile often

T – Time to yourself is good

U – Unfortunate events, may before fortunate 

V – Volunteer more

W – Want it? Work for it.

X – Xperience a balanced life

Y – “You is kind. You is smart. You is important.” – Kathryn Stockett
(The Help)

Z – Zero Excuses, Just do it.