It’s been one hot minute!!

So Today, I am going to be talking about Outdoor Edcaution and Cell Phones. Last night on our Military spouses page some posted “Anyone who’s child is on the Outdoor Edcation trip receive a text from their child”

My eyes light up! WHAT, Cells phone at Outdoor Ed camp?? Who is their great mind okay-ed this!!! I went in 2009 as a student and 2011-2015 i went as a counselor and I was never allowed to have my phone. I left on a bus with my school, we have our teachers there, staff who worked at the site and High schoolers who were our counselors! We had many eyes on us at all times. With that being said, Yes some of cried because it was the first time away from our parents over night in s new area. But none of us going to take out a phone and have that be our “Security”! I was just blown away!

So i comment, “Stop being a helicopter parent, let your child be a child” And o received comments like: “Ashley good luck when you have a kid this age. Your immature comments tell me you have given birth and now know how to parent every kid at every age. I will pray you never know the fear of not hearing from or knowing where your child is. I will also pray when your child is a teen they cut you some slack and don’t embarrass you by doing something mortifying and every other “parent” on base judges their actions on your parenting” No this was the big event at school, this is what every 6th grader waited for! I made so many memories with friends from different school and my friends from school. We actually all get together often to catch up! I wasn’t worried about texting my mom!

So I Posted on my personal facebook, What, Cell phone at Outdoor edcation camp? and received comments like: “From a first time parents perspective, I would literally be in the parking lot all night long just waiting for my child if I can’t chaperone.

This world is very scary. Things are not like it was when we were growing up. If giving kids cell phone for emergency is what’s going to let these parents sleep then let them. Kids get sexually assaulted, bullied on these trips all the time, let them keep the phone on them so they know they have loving parents on the other end in case they can’t form a bond/relationship with anyone.

Don’t mean to lecture you and I’m sure you have a good reason for feeling the way you do but everyone is different.”

Honesty, Yes we own a farm already, Yes my husband still wants to teach my daughter how to change a tire, change her oil and the up keel of maintence on her car! Yes We won’t let her keep her face in front of a screen, Yes she will be shovling cow shit, Feeding the live stock, Milking the cows, completing eggs! Yes yes yes!!!! We will have our garden and she will help me with up keep! She will have responsibilities. And Yes sport of course! We have our daughter to play her heart out! Volunteer yes, My husband and I do twice a month. We are so for giving back to our community!

Yes this world has changed, If you don’t feel like the your child is safe, Build a relationship with their teacher, find out other parents who are going, chaperon yourself! But don’t take away a child’s time in something they have looked forward! Will I be worried, Nope. I will keep myself busy(Prob aly redoing my daughters room).

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