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Pepper Spray

Good Afternoon Y’all!

Hope y’all are having a rockin’ day! It’s been a very productive day in this household!
Anywho, It’s break the article down! Today, I was feeding T when I was scrolling on Facebook to read a post saying

I got a call that there was a fight at my oldest daughters school and they pepper sprayed the kids. She said even bystanders got sprayed. She wasn’t one.

Holy Cow! Hmm.. What?? Pepper spray being used at a school. What happened to milk being thrown a people. But this! Like Holy moly! The “Security ” has them on campus.

Questions that come to my mind off the bat:
-Why aren’t parent notified about this at the begging of the school year?
-Why does Security have Pepper spray?
-Was Security properly trained?

I am not one to really think about homeschooling my daughter, thou my husband jokes about it and letting our daughter go to YMCA and join teams around our area. I am truly thinking maybe until High School or 8th grade my daughter will be home schooled. This is very nerve wrecking. But then again, I do not know how schools run in Montana!

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