Overbearing parents

Anyone have overbearing? Has it taken effect on your marriage or parenthood? Effected your relationship with your parents or In-laws? How do you handle it?

I am have overbearing parents as well as uncles. My sperm donor was never around and my uncles took it upon themselves to be my father figure. Which I truly appreciate. But they do not respect my marriage, my husband or me. I am truly having the hardest time with the fact that my family can walk all over me and expect not to react. I am standing up for what I believe in and I think that is truly fair.

I don’t have the same relationship with my family anymore, as none of them supported or are supportive of my marriage and now as I parent, the way I parent my daughter. I am not allowing her to have iPhone, iPad, Tablet. I do track when she naps, feed or diaper changes. I think that is fair as I run a Non-profit, about to go through some real big surgery. I won’t remember a lot. Honestly! So i am backing myself up for doctor appointments. But the worst part is now, my cousins are attacking me thinking they can tell me everything I am doing is wrong. None of them are married or have children. It’s beyond difficult at this point to be around my family.

It’s funny to say but surgery has saved me this Holiday. I have a reason I can’t travel. I don’t want to be around other people. I am trying to enjoy our first Christmas as a family!

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