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Holiday Traditions?

Is Halloween the kick off Holiday season? I sure feel like it!
I’ve been looking back on what traditions I did when I was younger and talking to my husband about things he use to do so we can start making our own with our family. I have decided that We keep the tradition for:

Halloween going of visiting 1 Pumpkin patch a year, Boo 2 people a year, and Fall festive photos!

Thanksgiving, We will Donate a Thanksgiving meal to 1 family, Watch Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade, and Have a open Invite to our Family Thanksgiving!

Christmas: We are starting a new one this year, 25 days of Christmas. This is 25 pictures we have have taken of our family and will posted everyday until Christmas, We will also open 1 Present on Christmas eve not including our Christmas Pj’s! Donate any old toys and clothing we have! Visit 1 Family and receive each one gift and $50 gift card to a local grocery store. Christmas we will open presents, make breakfast and hang out! Since we are only in California for 2 more Christmas’s we are going to be going to this event called “Christmas Tree Lane” in Fresno, Ca 

If you watch TLC or ABC there’s a chance you may have seen this one TV.

Do you have a family tradition you’d like to share? Drop it in the comments! I love reading them! 

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