Holiday Shopping

Holy Moly!! Can’t believe holiday festivals start in just a few weeks!

Here in California were I live Apple picking is becoming bigger and bigger every year! I seriously can’t wait to take my daughter and husband for the first time! This is my favorite childhood memory during the fall!!

There are so many fun parties around this time a year, Harvest, Thanksgiving, Friendsgiving, White elephant party, secret santa, Work party, Christmas, Christmas eve and New Year’s eve party! Like wow!!!! But let’s kinda back it up to Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving is about being grateful for the friendship, memories and family! Has anyone noticed in the last 10 years how stores like Sears, Walmart, Kmart, Target, Kohl’s, Best Buy, Starbucks have forgot about it?

How all the CEO’s care about is MONEY! Really!?! They have their non-HR employees work and if they don’t work during holidays they are fired?? Really? While the CEO’s and HR are at home enjoying their holidays with their families! Why? Is it rude? YES!

Granted I do understand some people do not have families to go to and some are working multiple jobs to survive in this economy today! So taking 4 holidays off is really going to hurt the business?? NO it won’t!

Why can’t families spent Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years with their families? Why can’t you close your doors for a full 24 damn hours and let some have memories of their children, Nieces, Nephews, Aunt, Uncles, friends, grandparents, parents!!

As for me and my family, My husband is on duty every year during holiday season and he is defending our country, and Law Enforcement is too! But SHOPPING! Really? Paying your employees 4-6 hours on those holidays is really going to hurt their CEO’s? 


I truly wish CEO knew what it was like to live pay check to pay check. Have the stress of student loans, car debt, credit card debt was! They may have been their years ago(15+ years) but truly now many companies Ceo’s have their head so far up their ass they could careless about their employees. They only care about that $$$!


Tell me am I wrong for feeling like this? Does anyone else feel like this? Does anyone else work retail, Restaurants or Delivery Service, How do you feel??


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