Your Future

What is our you goal list for the next 10 years?? Have you even thought about it?
Are you just living day by day?

I ask myself this all the time, Its changed thousands of times. But I recently have started to buckle down! I am a mom now. I have a family. I hav no degree or certificate. What am I going to do once my husband is out of the service. So I am buckling down and going for Medical Assistant?

Do I have any followers who are a MA?
Do you like?
Do you enjoy your job more?
Do you have fun? 

So have officially picked the state we will be moving to.. The Big Sky State..

We took a trip to Montana in November 2017. We fell in love with state, The people is awesome. Now just to find our city. I love the small city, It was will be a huge adjustment, But I am able to have to have my dream farmhouse, a dream to have a farm, Cows, Horses, Sheep, Chicken.. as also have my first green house! I always helped my grandparents grow their garden. Hard work but amazing veggies! 

Can followers from Montana? Help us find pick a city! We are looking at Roundup area and Huntley area!


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