Creating a Non Profit

Hey All,

So as some may know, My husband is a Corpsman in the US Navy. We have meet some really awesome friends who we call our “Mil Family”! Well yesterday, My husband and HIs friend Lyn came home to say they want to start a Non-Profit! I was so excited! Add it to the plate!


We are coming up with the logo, Idea, Concept, How to pitch this idea to his CMC and Base CO! So If  I am a little MIA, Sorry!!!! But I will check in as often as I can! So anyway back to this non profit.

Lyn and my husband spend their free time working on their Jeeps, Fishing and 4-wheeling. So Why not take their hobby and help veterans and sailors! The idea for this non profit is to get more people outdoors, Put your car the test without breaking it, If it does break learn how to fix it and also those who don’t have a Jeep can still just tag along and have fun!


If you have started a Non-profit, please drop a comment and give me tips! I want to help these boys as much as possible!


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