New Deit or Testing the water

Have you tried a new diet a few times? Did you stop because you become busy? It was a phase? You weren’t happy? Just wasn’t you??

I have guilty of pretty much all of those. I have an excuse book for dieting. I am not really a fan of it. I just have to watch how I eat. I don’t like someone telling me I am doing it wrong. I have to fall and get back up! I watch my Cousin go through so much weight loss and Yes I am SO inspired. I am Motivated, I am capable. I just do not finically have the time to spent money of things like Beach Body, Pruvit, Itworks, etc.

I do like trying out these items and will totally be down to do trail. But I can not commit to spending $160a month for something like this. That is my grocery bill for 2 weeks right there. I Still bite my nails at the register too!


So this weekend, My husband and I tired some Ketos things I see my cousin post about. There good. Flavor was good but I laid down in bed and I was completely sick! I am have been feeling like crud for 2 days now. Gross! But at the same time I am not discouraging ANYONE from trying these items. They were great but with my health issues, I can’t proceed with them. Which sucks, because my dad who is picky than ever LOVES these!! (Not the halo top) The Ketos. I will post a link to my cousin website and totally say read about Ketos, Try it! See how you like it. I had a ton of energy with ZERO coffeeNo coffee cup sign icon, red prohibition sign, stop symbol, isolated on white background, vector illustration.

And I know a lot of are like 327604-19

23915763_10107307066761481_5748128739303503788_n Her website is: https://squareup.com/store/koloradoketones 
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/koloradoketo
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/stepharnold20/
Snapchat: Stepharnold20

Add Steph, Ask question! Be informed! Help youself!


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