Couponing on the Go!

Enjoy Shopping But Love Saving more?

Seen the show on TLC called Extreme Couponing? Many of those women put so much time into couponing. Who has time for that when you work full time, take care of the children, dogs and husband, and Housework? Crazy!

I personally did want to save money when I shop and wasn’t exactly sure. So, I went on the Apple App store and Looked up “Coupons” I was giving such great apps. At this point still very clueless. So I was went back into the app store and while the apps were downloading I was looking over how to use, reviews and really wondering how will i do this.

I realized, I first off need to make my food meal List.
Planned for 14 days or 1 month.
Write down every item i needed.
Looked in the Fridge & Pantry to see what we had.

Asked myself these questions:
What is my budget?
Is there a Farmers Market close by?
Have I looked at the apps?

Then I went shopping! I am so happy with what I have earned all ready. I also have been able to coupon shop with other items such as Clothing, House items & Auto tools!



Here are some apps I truly encourage you to download:

Google Express $10 off your Purchase of $15.00 : E4GDN82MF
Commissary Reward: Ask when you Check out!
Walmart: Savings Catcher! Scan your Receipt after every purchase at Walmart
Checkout 51: Scan your Receipt after every purchase*
Fetch Rewards: Select the brands you use and Scan your Receipt after every purchase
Ibotta: Scan your Receipt after every purchase*
Jet: Online retailer offering discounted prices on a wide variety of products
Receipt Pal: Scan your Receipt after every purchase & Earn Amazon Gift Cards

*Select Store Only
No membership Fees for any of the apps!

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