Expecting Mama Bears

Hey Y’all,

As you read in my welcome post, I mentioned I became a Mom April 2018. It was such a fun experience being pregnant and having my husband there with me! During my pregnancy I meet some really awesome friends who happen to be having children around the same time!

One of my friends and I saw something on our spouses page called “Budget Baby” hosted my Navy-Marine Relief Society! This class was really awesome, I learned how to really budget and look more into sales, promotions and understand the “Couponing World” really worked!

I will be adding some of the pages that were handed out at the Budget Baby class and also I will be giving you a breakdown on some freebies!

Freebies of Baby items:

Walmart – https://babybox.walmart.com/account/step-1/ $5.00
Amazon – *$10.00 purchased from your registry + Prime account set up*
Noobie Box (pregnancy box) –  https://www.noobiebox.com/products/noobie-box-pregnancy-edition $6.95
The Baby List – https://help.babylist.com/hc/en-us/articles/115015710267-How-do-I-become-eligible-to-get-a-Hello-Baby-Box- $4.00
Baby Box University – https://www.babyboxuniversity.com/ – Free
The Honest Company – https://www.honest.com/account/store-bundle-selection  $5.95

Buybuy Baby
Motherhood IMG_1139
I am missing a few Pacifiers and $350 worth of coupons (Not pictured)
I really encourage you to take a look at the links and also, contact your Fleet & Family! They have some really great classes for Mothers, Fathers and supporting Breastfeeding classes!

Are you looking for Furniture, Clothes, Bibs, etc.? Have you posted on Facebook asking if anyone had that stuff around the house, Curb alerts or also Facebook Market!
Posting on social media will help save you so much money! I was able to do my daughter’s nursery for under $100!


Here are information pages from the Budget Baby Class:

Additional ResourcesNMCRS 202A (Budget)1 2014Ten Tips To Save Ten Bucks In Ten Minutes

Breakdown of picture above:

•48 Size 1 diapers
•11 Travel size of wipes
•2 Mam Bottles
•3 Avent Bottles
•1 Dr. Brown Bottle
•1 Playtex Bottle
•12 4oz Enfamil Newborn
•2 8oz cans of Enfamil Infant
•2 8oz cans of Enfamil Gentless
•1 Zip up Pj’s
•5 Mam Pacifiers
•3 Nuk Pacifiers
•1 Kiinde Twist
•3 Aveeno Baby lotion
•5 Baby Dove body wash
•2 Cetaphil Daily lotion
•1 Cetaphil Oil
•1 Cetaphil Diaper cream
•1 Muslim Swaddle
•12 pairs of Nipple pads
•12 bags breast milk storage bags



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